good good study day day up (beginnersmind) wrote in nonasian_asian,
good good study day day up

A little bit of shameless self-promotion...

As some of you may know already, my husband Xuan Yun's first DVD is now on Amazon. Please click to see the DVD, read a description,  and watch the preview video. The DVD visibility on Amazon depends on two things: the more people who click on the page, and especially the more people who buy the DVD through the link.

If it starts out strong, it will stay visible on Amazon for longer. So, if you can, please click and check it out. Hopefully enough people will find out about Xuan Yun and the DVD sales will build some momentum, so he can continue to teach and to release more of his knowledge on DVD.

Happy Chinese New Year, January 26th: the year of the Ox

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