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I'm off

Well I still have 5 days but thought I would do a post now XD

I fly out Sunday night at about 8pm.
I really can't believe I'm off to HK O_o

I was just wondering anyone whos been or in the know about HK
Do you think about £400 is plenty of spending money for 2 weeks?
I'm also hopeing to go over to China for the day to do some shopping and get a few fake designer bags like LV.

Does anyone have a idea what a visa may cost, I heard its about £40

Also anyone know what its like weather wise right now?
I was told its normally a max of 20c this time of year so I would just need to take a thin jacket or hoodie but I have heard of late that its colder than usal so I'm wondering if I should pack more jumpers, etc and take a thick coat and boots.
Or just chance it and if I have to buy warmer clothes get them while I'm there
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