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Non-Asians loving, dating, or married to Asians' Journal
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Date:2009-09-21 22:39

I hope everyone is well, the seems to be no real action on here of late :(

But just wanted to post afew pics as my daughter (Yim Chow) was 7 yesterday xxx
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Date:2009-05-30 16:43

wow this place had turned dead ;-;

If anyone still comes here and your not on my friends list I hope you are doing well x
Post a pic, tell us how your doing :)

up todate pic of Mark and myself

Lily Yim Chow hitting 7 in September O_o

My lil famliy are doing great and happy to say we are off to HK at the end of the year to spend X-mas and new year with Marks family, cant wait minus the flying on X-mas eve and getting in X-mas morning LOL

BTW anyone have twitter or FB?

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Date:2009-01-26 14:45
Subject:Kung Hei Fat Choi

Afew pics of our sort of pre CNY family meal we had yesterday in London China town.

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The rest have been dumped on my FB :)
If you have FB add me x

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Date:2009-01-17 10:09
Subject:A little bit of shameless self-promotion...

As some of you may know already, my husband Xuan Yun's first DVD is now on Amazon. Please click to see the DVD, read a description,  and watch the preview video. The DVD visibility on Amazon depends on two things: the more people who click on the page, and especially the more people who buy the DVD through the link.


If it starts out strong, it will stay visible on Amazon for longer. So, if you can, please click and check it out. Hopefully enough people will find out about Xuan Yun and the DVD sales will build some momentum, so he can continue to teach and to release more of his knowledge on DVD.

Happy Chinese New Year, January 26th: the year of the Ox

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Date:2008-12-29 23:00

I hope everyone had a awsome christmas and will have a fab new year.
All the best in 2009 x

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Date:2008-12-17 23:10
Subject:3 years!

Mark and I hit 3 years last Thursday and went out to celebrate Sunday

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Date:2008-08-20 15:45

Mark and I went away to Cornwall last week for afew days

Been together over 2 & half years and this was our first trip away just the 2 of us ^_^

People on my FB or LJ friends list may of seen these already
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Date:2008-08-03 23:31

our 4 year anniversary is on tuesday *squee* =]

also, i hope this isn't againt the rules, but... if anyone is looking for some lj friends, leave me a comment on my friends only entry =]

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Date:2008-06-28 18:38

Lily's first tooth came out Wednesday morning while she was brushing her teeth, just thought I would share that info.

*sigh* time goes by so fast
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Date:2008-04-18 10:28

There's no real order here, it's just a bunch of photos of the two of us from the past two years!
Don't mind the date stamps on them, I'm very lazy about altering my watermark over the years.

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Date:2008-04-15 10:45

Random I know but I was wondering is anyone here also on facebook?
Add me if you are and arn't already on my friends list ^_^
The link to my profile is on my LJ left hand side bar

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Date:2008-04-14 23:03
Subject:Introduction. <3

Hi there everyone!

My name's Alex, and I'm an Australian girl dating a wonderful Taiwanese boy called Shu.
We've been together for a little over two years, and although it sounds completely cheesy we're as completely rapt in each other as we were in our first few weeks together.  Perhaps even more so!

At the end of this year I'm heading off to Taiwan with him to meet the members of his family I'm not yet acquainted with.

Our relationship hasn't been without trials, obviously.  My ineptitude at learning Mandarin coupled with his very short time in an English speaking country has made for some interesting miss-communications.  But, as always, love conquers all!

I'm looking forwards to chatting with other non-Asian-Asians. <3


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Date:2008-03-21 20:07
Subject:Date Night~!
Mood: anxious

We ran out of time so we didn't get to decorate as much as we wanted to.
I will get better @ it and post more pics! So much fun. <3

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Date:2008-03-13 15:53
Subject:Looking for lj friends :)
Mood: bored

Hey everyone :)
I know this comm. isn't very active. I'll try posting pics soon.
Until then, anyone interested in a new lj/myspace friend? (i'm also on facebook if you want a link.)
Then go ahead and check out my profile and add me :)
My name is Melena, i'm 20 and a junior in college.
My bf is japanese & i'll be going to london for school in a few months and then off to japan in december :)))
i'll try to update here again soon.
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<3 love love <3

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Date:2008-02-25 19:11
Subject:I'm back

Hey all, anyone miss me? LOL

I got back into the UK 6am Saturday morning after a fab 2 weeks in HK
I so didn't want to come back and can't wait to go again.
Took near 500 photos XD
Froze my ass off the first week as it was only about 13c and in HK they don't have heating O_o
But the 2nd week it was so nice, sunny and about 18c

All Marks new family I meet welcomed Lily and me with open arms, lot count how many lucky red wallets we got but we got over 3000HK$ O_o

Did much, much shopping, and did the whole tourest thing
ferry, big buddha, the peak, etc

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Date:2008-02-15 19:07
Subject:Why, hello there!

I found this community by looking around through one of my friend's listed communities - heerosferret, actually. ^_^

I am Korean/Russian, though from my pictures (under the cut), you'll be able to see which traits were dominant. XD I was born in Korea and adopted at the age of 4 months, thus I don't speak any language apart from English, and all of my mannerisms are very un-Asian - I daresay I don't even really consider myself Asian apart from appearance, since I don't really identify with the culture - (I do like a lot of Japanese things, and food from Asian countries is delicious. =P)

I'm married to a caucasian guy that I met on the internet almost 9 years ago, and have a great passion for medicine.

Anyway, just wanted to say 'Hello.' :D

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Date:2008-02-05 16:42
Mood: hopeful

Sorry to post again but kinda need some help, this time with Lily's school

Yet again I have been asked to help with the whole teaching the kids about CNY thing but now the is also a new lil chinese kid just started, they didn't say if they were a girl or boy but anywho the child can only speak canto I thinkand the teacher wondered if I could get the following translated so I can print it out and they can give it to ther parents to read

Promoting language through small world play

But I'm not sure if it should be in
simplified or traditional Chinese, I'm not very clued up on all that

If Marks parents were here I would ask them

So if anyone can help that would be fab, thanks x

Oh also if anyone can get this to me before thrusday, thanks again

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Date:2008-02-05 10:17
Subject:I'm off
Mood: cheerful

Well I still have 5 days but thought I would do a post now XD

I fly out Sunday night at about 8pm.
I really can't believe I'm off to HK O_o

I was just wondering anyone whos been or in the know about HK
Do you think about £400 is plenty of spending money for 2 weeks?
I'm also hopeing to go over to China for the day to do some shopping and get a few fake designer bags like LV.

Does anyone have a idea what a visa may cost, I heard its about £40

Also anyone know what its like weather wise right now?
I was told its normally a max of 20c this time of year so I would just need to take a thin jacket or hoodie but I have heard of late that its colder than usal so I'm wondering if I should pack more jumpers, etc and take a thick coat and boots.
Or just chance it and if I have to buy warmer clothes get them while I'm there

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Date:2007-11-15 19:21
Subject:Hapa project

I just read on line about the Hapa Project. It's a photo show + book by a Asian-Caucasian man. He went around the country photographing part Asian people and asking them to answer the question "What are you?" The photos, and answers are beautiful. I'm planning on buying a copy of the book for Maiya. I think when she is older she'll like to see and read about people who look like she does.

Anyway, here's a link to the web site...

He's also on myspace, with lots of video interviews. Sorry for not providing a link to that one, but I'm on dial up, and I swear the connection is run by a hampster in a wheel.

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